Top 5 Problems With Missing A Tooth In Williamsville, NY

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As people age and become more prone to dental disease and decay, they may need those unsalvageable teeth extracted. Simply put, people are outliving the integrity of their teeth. Following their tooth extraction, however, many people don’t know how to deal with their missing teeth in Williamsville, NY.

There are 5 main problems that people will face when they have missing teeth. Continue reading to find out more about the 5 top problems people face with missing teeth, and how they can solve them with a restorative tooth replacement option.


What Are The Top 5 Problems People Will Face With Missing Teeth In Williamsville, NY?

Many people do not understand the problems they could face when they have one or more missing teeth. Here are the top 5 problems people will face when they have missing teeth:

1.     Shifting Teeth:

Surrounding teeth can shift into the space where the missing tooth used to be. The problem with shifted teeth is that when they are not in their natural position or are not supported by other teeth the way they were meant to be, they themselves can become unhealthy. Dental hygiene will become more problematic and the shifted tooth may be subject to unfavorable forces.  When this happens, that tooth could also begin to decay and need to be extracted, as well.

2.     Loss Of Biting And Chewing Forces:

Teeth are used to properly bite and chew food.  As people lose teeth, their ability to bite and chew properly will be compromised. Specifically, their ability to eat nutritious foods that support their health will be compromised. When food is broken down by the chewing process, the nutrients in that food are taken in by the body. Poorly chewed food can lead to people having problems with digestion and getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

3.     Low Self Confidence:

When people have a full mouth of aesthetically pleasing and healthy teeth, they have high confidence in their smile. It stands to reason, then, that when people have one or more missing teeth, they will lose the confidence to share their imperfect looking smile with others.

4.     Jawbone Loss:

When a tooth has been lost or removed due to decay or periodontal disease and is not immediately replaced with a restorative tooth replacement option, then the area of the jawbone where tooth loss has occurred can lose volume and density. A loss in jawbone density can lead to jawbone resorption and a less functional jawbone.

5.     Speaking Difficulties:

When people are missing teeth, it can make speech more difficult. Without teeth, people will end up having speech difficulties.

When people have tooth loss, they may be unsure about how they want to handle it. Luckily when people have teeth extracted, or are missing teeth in general, they can get them replaced with restorative dental implants.


Can I Replace My Missing Teeth In Williamsville, NY With Dental Implants?

The decision to replace a tooth, or not to replace a tooth, is largely one of lifestyle choice. While missing teeth may not be immediately detrimental to a person’s life, failing to replace a missing tooth could leave people with more costly problems that could interfere with their everyday life.

When people restore their missing teeth with dental implants, these issues quickly begin to resolve and go away. Dental implants fill the space of missing teeth with a natural looking tooth and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting. Dental implants also restore dental functionality and preserve jawbone health. Dental implants prevent jawbone loss by replacing the tooth root structures with dental implant posts.

The best part is people can replace any number of missing teeth with dental implants. Whether they have one missing tooth, a couple of missing teeth, or they have a full arch of missing teeth, there are dental implant options that can fit all of those needs. With customized dental implants, people are able to get beautiful dental implants that will function well for them for years to come!


See Us Now So We Can Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, you should come to our caring and advanced office so we can replace them with restorative dental implants. With dental implants, the problems associated with missing teeth can be resolved. Why wait to restore your smile with us? Gen in contact with Dr. Sanil Nigalye and our quality team at our Niagara Dental Implant & Oral Surgery office to schedule an appointment today!

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