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Is Peri-Implantitis Threatening Your Dental Implants?

Don’t Let Infection Harm Your Smile

Dental implants have an outstanding success rate, but there are certain unfortunate circumstances that can lead to their failure. One of the most common dental implant complications in Williamsville & Amherst, NY is peri-implantitis, an infection of the gum tissue around a dental implant. Much like gum disease, peri-implantitis is caused by bacteria-releasing plaque that builds up along around the gums and implant and causes infection and inflammation.

When this happens, your dental implant is at risk of failing if timely and comprehensive treatment is not completed. Thankfully, peri-implantitis can be successfully reversed and the health of your dental implants and smile restored with specialized treatment from our oral surgeons.

How We Treat Peri-Implantitis

We treat peri-implantitis in Williamsville & Amherst, NY by surgically removing the gum tissue affected by bacteria and clearing the buildup from around the implant. With infection no longer present, the gum tissue will no longer be inflamed or pull away from the implant.

If bone has been damaged from the infection, we will provide bone grafting to stabilize the implant. Removing the infected gum tissue also creates a healthy environment so the gums can reattach to further stabilize the implant. Once the site has been thoroughly treated and all plaque and tartar buildup removed, the bone, implant, and gum tissue are restored to proper health and function.

Though treatment is effective, peri-implantitis is a progressive condition that can end in the implant failing, so seek our expertise at the first signs of infection.

Symptoms of Peri-Implantitis

Keep Your Smile Healthy Long-Term

The best way to ensure your peri-implantitis does not return, or that you do not become susceptible to this disease, proper care of your implants is essential. Especially if you need peri-implantitis treatment, we advise that you maintain routine appointments in the future for comprehensive cleaning and evaluation of your mouth and dental implants. This, along with proper at-home hygiene, can help reduce the risk for peri-implantitis and help ensure your smile remains healthy long-term.

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