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The nature of our services often invokes fear and anxiety in our patients, especially for those who have never undergone surgery or needed higher levels of sedation for treatment. Rest assured, our team of trained and certified oral surgeons is here to provide you with personalized anesthesia services, including advanced general anesthesia in Williamsville & Amherst, NY, to ensure you have a safe, pain-free, and comfortable surgery. 

No matter if you are fearful of the surgery itself, receiving anesthesia, or both, we are here to walk you through the process, listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and determine the best anesthesia option for your needs. Our goal is to restore your health and confidence in a way that provides you with the highest quality experience and the best possible surgical outcomes.

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Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is one of the most popular forms of sedation we offer. Nitrous aids in relaxing patients and providing pain control for a calming experience. Many patients enjoy the ease of administration through a small hose that covers the nose and the little-to-no aftereffects experienced once the hose is removed.

IV sedation administered intravenously provides maximum levels of conscious sedation. Highly customized, IV sedation is continuously monitored to ensure the optimal level of pain control and relaxation. Many patients prefer the amnesia effects of IV sedation though they need a few hours to recover once the IV is removed after surgery.

General anesthesia is otherwise known as medically induced unconsciousness. Under anesthesia, patients are fully asleep during the entire surgical procedure. Our certified team uses advanced CO2 airway monitoring systems to ensure the safest surgery possible and to put patients requiring this level of anesthesia at ease.

Ensuring Comfortable, Pain-Free Surgery

As oral surgeons and medical doctors, we have achieved the highest level of training in anesthesia and are certified to provide all levels comfortably in our own office. With over 5,000 general anesthesia cases completed and countless more utilizing nitrous oxide and IV sedation, we have the expertise to ensure comfortable and pain-free surgery.

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