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If you are like the rest of our patients, you want your oral surgery in Williamsville, NY to be as pain-free as possible, with a quick and comfortable return to health and function. This is our goal, too, and why we incorporate the most cutting-edge technologies and minimally invasive surgical techniques into all our treatments. Leveraging this with our vast training and experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery, we provide predictable care that minimizes the risk of pain and swelling and maximizes your long-term surgical outcomes. Best of all, our advanced surgical techniques better ensure a faster, more comfortable recovery and no post-operative complications, even if your treatment is more complex. At our practice, you are truly receiving the most minimally invasive oral surgery from a team of highly experienced oral surgeons.

Ensuring Minimally Invasive Surgery

The distinct amount of education, training, and experience we have achieved as oral surgeons is certainly a testament to the dedication we have to provide the best care for our patients. We take this one step further by adding an array of technologies and techniques to ensure your surgery is as minimally invasive and predictable as possible.

Piezosurgery allows us to selectively cut bone without cutting or harming the surrounding gum tissue. Using ultrasonic vibrations, this technology significantly improves precision and safety in oral surgery, resulting in faster and more comfortable healing after the procedure.

Versah burs allow us to compact spongy bone (the result of tooth and bone loss) so dental implants can be placed with greater primary stability. This “osseodensification” process improves bone density and expands the jaw ridge, increasing the predictability and long-term success of dental implants.

CBCT scans give us a 3D digital representation of the inside of your mouth, including the location of teeth and nerves and the quality of bone. This information helps guide our oral surgery treatment planning so we can provide more predictable, minimally invasive, and safe procedures.

Experience Predictable, Safe Oral Surgery

The minimally invasive techniques we incorporate into our practice are here to make your experience with us comfortable and your oral surgery safe and predictable. As highly trained and skilled oral surgeons, we perform all our specialized procedures routinely and do so using our advanced technologies and techniques. This ensures that your treatment is completed by the true experts in oral and maxillofacial surgery and a team who is invested in your long-term health and function. We welcome you to experience comfortable surgery with us, and a quick return to optimal health.

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