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Oral cancer is a frightening diagnosis. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed, but are at risk, being able to count on a team of experts can help ease any associated fear. As oral and facial surgeons, we are considered experts in the diagnosis and treatment of oral, head, and neck cancers and diseases. With both medical and dental degrees, we have the training and decades of experience to help you either prevent or effectively treat oral pathology in Williamsville, NY.

Like many cancers, oral cancer often goes undetected until it has made significant advancements. Seeking the experts for routine examination ensures that any suspicious areas of your mouth, head, and neck are investigated by trained surgeons who treat oral pathology on a regular basis. If you are concerned about suspicious skin discoloration or sore inside your mouth, consult our experienced oral surgeon team today.

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Head and neck cancer, while not as common, still affects tens of thousands of Americans each year. We help patients lower their risk for cancer and help provide effective treatment with early diagnosis through our comprehensive cancer screenings. These screenings involve a thorough examination of your mouth, throat, and neck. We will perform a biopsy on any suspicious areas, gathering a tissue sample that is sent to a lab for further examination. If cancer is diagnosed, we provide expert surgical treatment in the comfort of our office. Whether you want routine screenings, are concerned about a possible oral pathology symptom, or have been diagnosed with oral cancer and need treatment, you can rest assured that you have come to the experts. We are here to help you find peace of mind and provide skilled care no matter your situation.

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