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Gentle Extraction of Damaged Teeth

If you have been living with tooth pain, most likely your priority is eliminating this discomfort quickly and in a way that doesn’t cause you any additional pain. With expertise in tooth extractions and full anesthesia capabilities, we can put an end to your tooth pain with treatment that is as safe and comfortable as possible. By eliminating one or more problem teeth, we can also maintain or improve your smile’s health by replacing these teeth with permanent dental implants. This can often be accomplished in the same appointment, saving you the inconvenience of multiple surgeries. With dental implants secured in place, you will no longer suffer the discomfort, embarrassment, or poor health associated with decayed, diseased teeth.

Our oral surgeons have decades of experience in tooth extractions in Williamsville, NY, and combined have extracted or managed over 70,000 cases. The skilled team performs both simple and surgical procedures on a daily basis. We are here to eliminate your tooth pain and return you to a life of comfort and health. Don’t wait to schedule your appointment with our oral surgeon team if you are experiencing severe tooth pain, have advanced gum disease or tooth decay, or have suffered dental trauma.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Maintain Dental Health after Tooth Extractions

Having a tooth removed will ultimately end the tooth pain or discomfort you have been feeling. But a missing tooth can have both aesthetic and functional concerns. Dental implants provide the single best tooth replacement option for most patients and help you maintain great dental health after tooth extractions. A permanent solution, dental implants replace extracted teeth, returning function and aesthetics to the area. We recommend dental implants for patients who need tooth extractions, even if we are removing only one tooth. For patients with extensive decay and disease requiring that we extract many or all the teeth, we provide life-changing full mouth dental implants. This solution permanently restores a full arch of teeth—and the ability to eat and speak comfortably, socialize confidently, and improve overall health and wellbeing.

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