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Bone Grafting Prepares Your Jaw for New Teeth

When tooth loss has affected the health and volume of your jaw, bone grafting can restore the necessary density and strength to support permanent dental implants. Our modern bone grafting in Williamsville & Amherst, NY is effective and predictable, often aided by guided tissue regeneration, bone morphogenetic protein, and Gem 21 growth factors to accelerate healing after surgery.

Our experience in bone grafting spans over four decades, and with our specialized expertise as oral surgeons, we can help you experience the benefits of dental implants, even if you have extensive bone loss!

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What is Bone grafting?

From Tooth Loss to an Attractive Smile

Bone grafting makes it possible to replace missing teeth—and gain a better quality of life—with dental implants in Williamsville & Amherst, NY. With dental implants securely in place, you can experience the following permanent benefits:


Our Advanced Bone Grafting Techniques

Bone grafting refers to procedures that use donor bone to rebuild the natural contours, height, and volume of the jawbone. This ensures that the jawbone is strong enough to safely support one or more dental implants. There are different types of bone grafting procedures based on how much bone has receded and in what location of the jaw.

Loss of multiple teeth in a row can lead to a thin, uneven jaw ridge too weak to support dental implants. A ridge augmentation restores the natural contours and volume of the ridge so that dental implants can be placed.

A tooth extraction leaves behind an empty tooth socket susceptible to rapid resorption. Socket preservation adds bone grafting material to the site to help reduce bone loss during healing, in case a dental implant is placed in the future.

Tooth loss in the upper back portion of the jaw makes dental implant placement impossible without puncturing the sunken sinus cavity. A sinus lift places bone grafting material beneath this membrane to build up bone volume beneath.

Healing after a bone grafting procedure can be accelerated with guided tissue regeneration. This technique uses a collagen membrane to guide the new bone and soft tissue growth after bone grafting material is placed at the site.

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