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Oral and facial surgery makes many patients feel scared and apprehensive. We understand this and choose to enhance our decades of surgical experience with advanced dental technologies to ensure your surgery is as comfortable and safe as possible. 

Our dental technology allows us to digitally plan your surgery, giving us a more accurate treatment plan and more predictable, long-term results for complex procedures. Similarly, our advanced healing techniques help you recover faster and more comfortably, especially in cases where multiple surgeries may be necessary as with bone grafting for dental implants. Combining all these advanced dental technologies with our anesthesia services helps us provide advanced and predictable care from a team of gentle, compassionate oral surgeons in Williamsville & Amherst, NY.

If you are worried or fearful of undergoing oral surgery, know that we are here to help. Our education, training, and incorporation of technology are a testament to our dedication to providing the highest quality care for our patients.

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Our Advanced Technology

Undergo more comfortable x-rays with low radiation exposure. 3D imaging also allows us to plan more predictable treatment with accurate images of the teeth, gums, and bone.

Enjoy more comfortable, safer, and faster healing. We use bone morphogenetic protein and Gem 21 growth factors to help regenerate new bone and tissue growth after surgery.

Experience minimally invasive, comfortable oral surgery and accelerated healing. We use ultrasonic tools to precisely cut bone without harming healthy hard or soft tissue.

Get the immediate benefits of dental implants even if your jawbone is thin and spongy. We use specialized burs to increase bone density and expand the jaw ridge for improved primary implant stability.

Receive comfortable, pain-free surgery while safely under anesthesia. We use advanced airway monitoring systems to help ensure no complications arise during surgery.

Be confident in dental implants that will remain strong long-term. We use innovative technology to make sure your implants are at optimal stability before attaching new teeth.

See the difference modern technology can make.

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