Reasons To Go To An Oral Surgeon For TeethXpress® In Williamsville, NY

a dental patient getting her full arch prosthesis expertly placed on her dental implants during her TeethXpress procedure.

When people go to replace their missing teeth with TeethXpress®, they will want this advanced tooth replacement option placed by someone who has the skills and knowledge to do so. There are many reasons why people should go to an oral surgeon to get treated with TeethXpress® in Williamsville, NY. Continue reading to learn more about why people should go to an oral surgeon for their TeethXpress procedure.


Why Should I Get Treated With TeethXpress?

For those who are interested in replacing their missing teeth with dental implants but are worried about the time it takes to get them placed, then they should consider getting treated with TeethXpress. With TeethXpress, people will be able to get a trusted and lasting new smile in just one day of treatment.

TeethXpress is a streamlined tooth replacement process that uses four or more precisely placed dental implants to securely hold a temporary prosthesis in one surgical treatment. With TeethXpress, patients will be able to have natural and beautiful looking new teeth that restores their dental functionality and confidence to smile.

Should I Go To An Oral Surgeon To Get Treated With TeethXpress In Williamsville, NY?

When people go to an oral surgeon for their TeethXpress procedure they will be treated with the latest techniques and advanced technologies. A quality oral surgeon can give patients a streamlined procedure process for TeethXpress because they can restore their jawbone with a bone grafting procedure, place their dental implants, and attach their temporary teeth, all in one visit.

Oral surgeons are able to give patients proven TeethXpress procedures because they are dental specialists who have undergone extensive training in oral and maxillofacial surgeries, including dental implant placements. They are well equipped to handle complex cases for patients seeking dental implants.

Oral surgeons can provide comprehensive care, from the initial evaluation and treatment planning, to the surgical placement of dental implants and the attachment of temporary teeth. Getting treated with TeethXpress by an oral surgeon is also beneficiary because they can tailor the treatment plan to the individual needs of each patient.

An oral surgeon can perform a thorough evaluation, with 3D imaging and bone assessments, to determine the optimal implant placement for each patient’s specific jawbone structure and oral health conditions. Going to an oral surgeon for TeethXpress means getting precise, reliable, and successful procedure outcomes.


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