How to limit your risk of tooth decay

Most people don’t realize it but tooth decay is a disease of modern times. That’s right! thousands of years ago humans did not suffer from dental caries or more commonly known as “tooth decay”. Bacteria in your mouth that are normal inhabitants are what cause tooth decay and when conditions are right they attack the enamel of your tooth literally dissolving the enamel and create a home for themselves in your tooth. Soon the numbers of those bacteria increase and they eat more and more of your tooth.
So ultimately you can’t really get rid of all the bad, decay causing, bacteria in your mouth because they naturally live there. But what you can do is control the conditions so that they [the decay causing bacteria] are present in low numbers. Things you can do to prevent control oral conditions to reduce your risk of tooth decay:
1. limiting your sugar intake
2 Reducing or eliminating consumption of sports drinks, soft drinks and energy drinks
3. limiting consumption of processed foods
4. Eating foods that not processed and qualify as probiotics
5. Daily oral hygiene i.e. brushing and flossing your teeth
6. Routine dental care at your general dentist (this means a minimum of 2 yearly check ups and cleanings)

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