Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed In Williamsville, NY?

a dental patient after a wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

Dealing with swollen, painful, tender, or red gums? What about the constant discomfort in the mouth? For those who are experiencing these symptoms, they may have impacted, crowded teeth.

Wisdom teeth, the teeth found towards the back of a patients mouth, are the most common teeth that can be impacted and crowded. A dental professional can determine if a wisdom teeth removal in Williamsville, NY is be the best treatment option to remedy these issues.


What Are Wisdom Teeth Removals In Williamsville, NY?

Wisdom teeth removals are a common dental procedure that is performed to remove the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third molars, and they are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth.

Wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth removal is usually recommended when the teeth are impacted or if they are causing crowding in the mouth.

Wisdom teeth removals are commonly performed in an office setting. An oral surgeon or a doctor can extract the wisdom teeth and then provide the patients with postoperative instructions for home care.


What To Expect When Wisdom Tooth Are Removed In Williamsville, NY?

Wisdom teeth removals are an outpatient surgical procedure that can be performed by a dental professional. The doctor can numb the area of the mouth with local anesthetic before beginning the procedure. The oral surgeon can then make an incision in the gums and use forceps to remove the wisdom teeth and extract them.


How Long Do Wisdom Teeth Removals Take?

The wisdom teeth removal process can take several minutes to one hour. The length of surgery duration itself can range from 1-2 hours.


What Is The Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure?

The dental professional will first numb the area of the patients mouth where their wisdom teeth are located with local anesthesia to ensure their experience is virtually painless. The doctor can then make a small cut in the gums to access their wisdom teeth. Using dental instruments, the doctor can them remove the patients impacted wisdom teeth.


What Happens After The Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

After the wisdom teeth are removed, the doctor can thoroughly clean the patients mouth and apply gauze to the area. They may also place stitches in the patients gums to help prevent bleeding.

The patient can then be given antibiotics, pain medication, and instructions for home care. Patients will be able to eat and drink, but they should avoid chewing on the affected side of their mouth for 1-2 days. After a few days, patients may experience swelling and discomfort. Patients should take pain medication as directed by their dentist.

Patients may also need to follow a soft-food diet for several days after their wisdom teeth removal procedure. This means avoiding foods that require a lot of chewing and that may get caught between teeth, such as meat, chicken, or hard cheese.

Patients may have a visible stitch, sponge, or rubber dam in their mouth after the procedure. This is normal and will be removed before they go home. Getting wisdom teeth removed can be a breeze with the help of a skilled dental professional. With wisdom teeth removals, patients can be free of associated pain and discomfort


We Can Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Be free of impacted wisdom teeth pain by coming to our modern and skilled office. We can start you off with a consultation to make sure a wisdom teeth removal procedure is the right treatment option for you. Get in contact with Dr. Sanil Nigalye and Dr. Amy Bryan at our Niagara Dental Implant & Oral Surgery office to schedule an appointment today!

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