Think You Have Dry Socket? This Is What It Is

Wisdom tooth x-ray view shown to a dental patient by a dentist.
Wisdom tooth removals in Williamsville, NY are performed when people have problematic wisdom teeth that need to be removed. After wisdom teeth have been precisely and carefully removed, the patient is instructed on how to properly take care of the surgical site areas so that they don't develop post-surgery problems, like dry socket. Although dry socket is painful, it can also be treated.   For those who think they have dry socket and are interested in finding out more about what it is, then continue reading to find out.

What Is Dry Socket?

Dry socket is a painful dental condition that can occur after wisdom tooth removals in Williamsville, NY. Specifically, dry socket happens when the blood clot that usually forms after wisdom tooth removals, a crucial part of the healing process, is dislodged or dissolves before the wound has healed.   When people have dry socket, it leaves the underlying bone and nerves exposed to air, food, and fluids, which can lead to severe pain and infection. It's important to note that dry socket is not a common occurrence after wisdom tooth removals, but it can happen if post-surgery care instructions aren't meticulously followed.

After Having A Wisdom Tooth Removal In Williamsville, NY, How Will I Know If I Have Dry Socket?

Identifying dry socket post wisdom tooth removal involves being mindful of certain symptoms. The most common and noticeable symptoms of dry socket is a throbbing, intense pain a few days after the wisdom tooth removal. This pain often radiates from the jaw to the ear. People with dry socket may also notice a foul odor or taste in their mouth, which can be due to an infection or exposed bone.   Upon visual inspection, the socket where the wisdom tooth was will appear empty or have a dry-looking, whitish bone instead of a dark blood clot. If any of these symptoms are noticed after a wisdom tooth removal, it's crucial to go to a skilled and trusted office for an evaluation.  

See Us Now So We Can Determine If You Have Dry Socket Following Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

After having a wisdom tooth removal, it is crucial that you follow post-surgery care instructions so that you do not get dry socket. At our dedicated office, we will give you proven post wisdom tooth removal care instructions so that you do not get dry socket. Don't hesitate to improve your smile at our state-of-the-art office. Get in contact with our doctors,  Dr. Sanil B. Nigalye and Dr. Amy Bryan and our exceptional team at our office by Williamsville, NY to schedule your consultation!

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