Can I Get Minimally Invasive Oral Surgery In Williamsville, NY?

an oral surgeon performing a minimally invasive oral surgery.

When people think of dental surgery, they may associate it with a painful, invasive, and uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, thanks to the availability of new, modern, and advanced technologies and techniques, a trusted dentist can improve a patient’s tooth health and look via the usage of minimally invasive oral surgery techniques in Williamsville, NY.

Minimally invasive oral surgery techniques can make the restoration process smooth, fast, and virtually painless! Continue reading to learn more about the different types of minimally invasive oral surgery techniques.


What Is Minimally Invasive Oral Surgery In Williamsville, NY?

The term “minimally invasive oral surgery” encompasses a wide variety of surgical procedures that are performed through small incisions. This type of surgery is typically associated with less pain and scarring, and a quicker recovery time when compared to traditional oral surgery.

Some common minimally invasive oral surgery procedures include wisdom tooth removal, dental implant treatments, and corrective jaw surgery. In most cases, these procedures can be performed using sedation dentistry, which further reduces the risk of complications. The more recently available techniques include:

  • VERSA® densah burs
  • Sirona CBCT scanning


What Is The PIEZOSURGERY® Procedure?

In dentistry, piezosurgery is a type of surgery that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break up hard tissue. It is often used to remove bone or tooth material. Piezosurgery is less invasive than traditional methods of surgery, and it can help preserve healthy tissue.

Piezosurgery is often called “piezoelectric surgery.” Piezo refers to a special type of material or surgical instrument that produces an electric current when it is hit with an ultrasonic vibration. The instrument’s tip vibrates back and forth, delivering ultrasonic vibrations to the tooth or bone. This “vibrates” the tissue and causes it to break up. The instrument is connected to a generator, which sends the vibrating energy to the tip.

Piezosurgery can also be used as an alternative to traditional dental drilling. It can remove small amounts of hard tissue without causing tooth fractures or root damage.

Piezosurgery is also used to remove diseased tissue, such as a cyst or a tumor. It can be used to remove dental plaque and calculus (tartar), which are hardened deposits on the teeth.


What Is The Versah Densah Burs Procedure?

A versah densah dental bur is a type of rotary cutting instrument used in dentistry. It is also known as a burin, or simply a bur. The versah densah dental bur consists of a cylindrical steel shaft with a cutting edge at the end. The cutting edge is usually made of carbide or diamond. The shaft is attached to a handpiece, which is held in the dentist’s hand during use.

The versah densah dental bur is used to remove tooth structure, such as enamel, dentin, and cementum. The bur is also used to shape dentures and it is used in oral surgery.


What Is The Sirona CBCT Scanning Procedure?

Sirona CBCT scanning is a cutting-edge technology that provides dentists with clear, three-dimensional images of a patient’s teeth, jaws and surrounding structures. CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. This type of X-ray machine takes pictures from different angles around the head and then combines them into one 3D image.

This technology helps dentists to more accurately diagnose and treat conditions such as tooth decay, impacted teeth and TMJ disorders. CBCT scanning is also helpful in planning complex dental procedures such as implants and orthodontic treatment. It can also be used to monitor the progress of treatments.

These advanced minimally invasive techniques are regularly used by a highly skilled doctor. They can provide fast, effective, and precise executions of restorative dental procedures to give patients their best smile yet!


We Can Give You Minimally Invasive Oral Surgery In Williamsville, NY

At our modern office, you can get a consultation to inquire about which minimally invasive procedure you should get to improve your smile.  Get in contact with Dr. Sanil Nigalye and Dr. Amy Bryan at our Niagara Dental Implant & Oral Surgery office to schedule an appointment today! Your new smile is within reach.

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