Can I Have A Comfortable Wisdom Tooth Removal In Williamsville, NY?

a dental patient holding the side of his jaw in pain as he talks to a dental assistant about his up-coming wisdom tooth removal with sedation dentistry.

Have one or more problematic wisdom teeth? When people have problematic wisdom teeth that cause them pain and discomfort, then they will want to have a comfortable wisdom tooth removal in Williamsville, NY.

There are various reasons why people will be able to have a comfortable wisdom tooth removal when they go to a trusted and reliable oral surgeon. Especially when that oral surgeon treats the patient with sedation dentistry, first. Continue reading to learn more about how people can have a comfortable wisdom tooth removal with sedation dentistry.


What Is Sedation Dentistry?

When it comes to giving patients a comfortable and anxiety-free wisdom tooth removal procedure experience, nothing can beat sedation dentistry! Sedation dentistry uses medications to help anxious patients relax during dental procedures. It’s ideal for those with dental anxiety, a sensitive gag reflex, or a low pain tolerance.

The aim of sedation dentistry is to be able to give patients a comfortable and stress-free procedure experience, especially for advanced procedures like wisdom tooth removals. By administering sedation dentistry to dental patients, they can get the most advanced and complex procedures in a relaxed and comfortable state.

What Types Of Sedation Dentistry Can I Get Treated With For My Wisdom Tooth Removal?

There are three kinds of sedation dentistry options patients can get treated with when they have a wisdom tooth removal in Williamsville, NY. One type of sedation dentistry option is nitrous oxide.

More commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a gaseous sedation that is inhaled throughout the procedure while it helps patients feel relaxed. Nitrous oxide is great for those who want a mild sedation dentistry that will allow them to drive home after the appointment.

IV sedation is administered intravenously and provides patients with maximum levels of conscious sedation. When patients are given IV sedation, they are monitored to make sure they have optimal levels of pain control and relaxation. IV sedation can be customized to each patient and they will need a few hours to recover from it after it is removed.

Finally, patients can be treated with general anesthesia. Typically reserved for long or complex procedures, like wisdom tooth removals, general anesthesia will put patients fully to sleep throughout their procedure. Once the procedure is complete, the oral surgeon can slowly wake the patient up. The patient should have a trusted person drive them home as they are recovering from general anesthesia and the wisdom tooth removal.

The types of sedation dentistry options patients get treated with for their wisdom tooth removal procedure depends on what each one wants and needs.


See Us Now So You Can Have A Comfortable Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure With Sedation Dentistry

If you are wanting to have as comfortable a wisdom tooth removal procedure experience as possible, then you should work with Dr. Sanil Nigalye. An expertly trained oral surgeon with years of experience in wisdom tooth removals, Dr. Nigalye is ready to remove your wisdom teeth with the comforts of sedation dentistry.

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